Retrain…He said.

Well the Creative Industries had an interesting week in the U.K. We were told if we couldn’t work in our chosen profession we should consider retraining.

That’s all well and good providing that’s a viable option. Last time I checked training costs money. The majority of creatives I know have a broad skill set and many have a ‘day’ job of some description. Sadly, that isn’t the point. The fact that musicians want to play for you, poets want to write for you, dancers want to dance for you and artists want to make art for you. They should be supported to do exactly that. Historically they’ve done it with little or no support from the government but at a time when support should be given to anyone who genuinely needs it the government say ‘retrain’. Not very useful.

Anyone who sees creative people as expendable should pretty much burn everything they own as all of it was made, designed, thought of by a creative person. That seems extreme but take one minute to think about it.

I’m sat listening to music as I type. My love of books is legendary. I enjoy watching stage productions, and dancing. There literally is no aspect of the arts that doesn’t enrich my existence on this planet. I know I’m not alone in that.

It is widely reported that the Creative Industries bring considerable income to the nation. They bring culture and revenue to most cities and towns.

If you have creative people in your circle of friends, reach out and check in with them. It’s a rubbish time for us all. Living in the time of Cholera (Covid). Feeling overlooked and under appreciated is literally the last thing anyone needs now.

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